Major Works

Anti-Trafficking steps:

  • Training of Panchayat members on the issues of Trafficking
  • Formation of 27 HRDS (Human Rights Defense System ) and ATU (Anti trafficking Unit)

Safe migration steps:

  • A pilot project of ‘Safe Migration’ with Panchayat. It is recognized by Govt. of West Bengal (Panchayat Dept) as a model to replicate
  • A Tracking centre at Delhi to track people from the districts that migrate to Northern parts of India for various purposes.

Emancipation Steps:

  • Addressing community ICDS workers, SHGs, Mothers’ committee etc on the issue of Trafficking, Child marriage, HIV/AIDS and Child Labor
  • Formation of 34 Adolescent Girls Group and provide them L4R (Leadership for Result) training
  • Networking with cross border and domestic NGOs, CBOs, Govt. Authorities for rescue, restoration and repatriation of the victims. Also an Information Booth at Ghojadanga Border at 24Parganas (N) near Indo-Bangladesh border.
  • Weekly and monthly legal assistance cell at Kolkata and Murshidabad respectively for survivors and families.
  • Polytechnics and Private enterprises assist in conducting Livelihood programmes for vulnerable families and survivors. Tie up with C3 –The market place for selling of goods produced by the survivors.
  • 15 Child Resource teams in different slums and red light areas in Kolkata. These are 12-15 member groups that reach out to children in distress, follow-up court cases and uphold the rights of children
  • Works closely with CWC (Child Welfare Committee); JJB (Juvenile Justice Board), and Law enforcement agencies.